Jason Aldean and Wife, Brittany, Used IVF to Conceive New Baby

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, just announced they are expecting again, and the singer is opening up about their new addition. Jason and Brittany used in-vitro feritilization to conceive their son Memphis, born in December, which is how the "Drowns the Whiskey" singer says they also conceived this time as well.

"We did IVF with our son, so we had to do that again with this one," Aldean admits to PEOPLE. "We knew what was going on."

Earlier this year, Brittany admitted getting pregnant was a struggle for the couple, and they were almost ready to give up on their desire to be parents.

"We tried for a year and a half," Brittany reveals in the popular Babes and Babies podcast. "No one really knows this, but we had to do in vitro, so it was the longest process. It was such a roller coaster, and I ended up, through it all, having endometriosis. After a year and a half of trying, they're finally like, 'We think you might have endometriosis.' I'm like, 'After all that, are you kidding me?'

"And so then I had to go and have a procedure done called a laparascopy, which is basically where they go in and they check for endometriosis, or any cysts or anything," she continues. "And, I had Stage 2 out of Stage 4. So they got rid of that, and then I ended up getting pregnant."

(Photo: Instagram/jasonaldean)

Jason is already parents to 15-year-old Keely, and Kendyl, ten, from his first marriage, and he knew he wanted Memphis to have a sibling as well.

"After having our son, we knew we wanted to have two kids," Jason explains. "I have my two older daughters already, so after Memphis was born we knew we wanted to have another one pretty quick — to go ahead and knock it out and have one that was a little closer in age to him."

"I would much rather knock it out now while we're used to having one in diapers and formula and all of that," he adds. "I think it's tougher when you get out of that and wait a couple years and then have to go redo it all. … We just wanted them to be close in age, and we figured we're already in that mindset now, so why not?"

Although Jason has yet to disclose the gender of their new baby, he does hint that this pregnancy is a lot different for his wife than when she was pregnant with Memphis.

"With my son, Brittany didn't have any sickness at all, but with [this] baby she's been pretty sick for the last few weeks, so we'll see," says Aldean. "Maybe she's starting to turn the corner a little bit, but it's definitely been a different kind of feel for her this time."


Jason is currently on his High Noon Neon Tour. Find dates at JasonAldean.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Kravitz - 2018 ACMA