Jason Aldean Shares What He Misses the Most About Touring (Exclusive)

Jason Aldean was out on his We Back Tour when the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in March, forcing artists to forgo their plans and stay home, much like everyone else. While he's enjoying being at home with his family, the country star can't help but miss life on the road, including his tour family and, of course, his fans.

"I miss seeing our band and crew everyday - playing baseball and basketball together before taking the stage," Aldean told PopCulture.com via email. "And of course the fans. I know everyone's going through a lot of hard stuff right now. It would be way better to have a show to just forget everything going on and hang for a night." While the 43-year-old has participated in multiple virtual performances during quarantine, he noted that "nothing compares to being on stage right there with your fans" and shared that "the guys and I have never been more ready to get back out there and turn it up."

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The Georgia native has since postponed the rest of his tour until 2021, telling fans in a statement in May that "The health and safety of my fans, my band and crew and all of the local workers in your town who help pull off our shows each night is something we're not going to gamble on."

Until he can tour again, Aldean will be home with his family in their new home outside of Nashville, which was completed earlier this year after a two-year build. "The downtime at home with the family has been awesome," the singer shared. "We've never had this much time together."

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He's been using Instagram to keep fans update on life with his wife, Brittany, and their two kids, Memphis and Navy, and joked that their quarantine hobby is bringing home pets. Brittany recently introduced fans to the family's newest addition, a green chameleon named Elvis, who appeared in a video of Aldean holding out the tiny creature for his son to pet.