Jason Aldean Says It Is 'Kind of Scary' That Daughter Keeley Wants to Be a Musician

When Jason Aldean's oldest daughter, Keeley, started showing an interest in music, the country music superstar wasn't sure how serious she was about following in her famous father's footsteps. But now that Keeley is still just as committed to becoming a musician, Aldean admits he has mixed emotions about it.

"It's really cool and kind of scary at the same time," Aldean told Good Morning America. "With them growing up, I've always played everything for them, from Ray Charles to George Jones, Merle Haggard, Guns N' Roses, everything. They have an appreciation for all different kinds of music."

Keeley and 12-year-old Kendyl are both from his first marriage. While it's too early to know what Kendyl will be when she grows up, Aldean will continue supporting Keeley if she chooses to make music her career.

"I had been letting her use one of my old guitars, so for her 16th birthday, instead of a car, I bought her a Les Paul," Aldean recalled. "I think she's starting to realize the magnitude of what I've been doing all these years. That's the cool thing about this, if it all ended tomorrow, there's a pretty cool legacy there for my kids to go back and listen to."

Aldean is focused on more than just his oldest daughter's talents. The Georgia native, who is also the proud father of 1-year-old Memphis and 7-month-old Navy Rome (with his second wife, Brittany Aldean), just announced the release of his ninth studio album, appropriately called, 9.

"I'm excited. I mean we've been working really hard on this record and I'm really excited about it, as everybody always is when they have a new album that's coming out," Aldean told PopCulture.com. "I feel like this is a really, really great record, from top to bottom. When I turned it into the label, I told them, 'Man, you know, I hate going in and saying this is the best thing I've ever done, 'cause I feel like that's pretty cliché for everybody to say when they turn in a new record, but I really feel like there's something pretty special about this one.


"I'm excited that finally at least some of the songs are coming out so people can finally hear them," he continued. "We start recording these things and we're living with them for months and months before anybody else gets a chance to hear them. So, even though I love them and I think they're great, nobody else has heard them yet. So I'm exited that it's finally out there, at least a few songs. And people are getting a chance to hear 'em and then the full album will drop November 22nd."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Terry Wyatt