Jason Aldean Reveals He Is a 'Big Fan' of Post Malone

He might be one of country music's biggest stars, but Jason Aldean is a fan of all kinds of music, including rapper Post Malone. The singer opened up about his affinity for the eclectic singer, who has become a regular on Aldean's playlist.

"I'm a big fan of Post Malone. I don't know if that comes as a huge shock but I really dig what he does," Aldean told E! News. "He just dropped a new album not too long ago and I think the guy has his own style and he's killing it right now. He's a guy I find myself listening to a lot and really digging what he's putting out."

Aldean is also a fan of his tour openers for his upcoming We Back Tour. Morgan Wallen and Riley Green will serve as the opening acts for his first leg, with Brett Young and Mitchell Tenpenny taking over for the summer leg.

"We try to put together openers that we feel like people will enjoy watching," Aldean acknowledged. "Openers that my fans are going to like but they also bring a little something different to the table ... We want to create an atmosphere for people to come out and cut loose for a few hours and have some fun and kind of forget about the work week."

Aldean is mostly focused on work when he is on the road, but he does allow himself, as well as his band and crew, a little time for relaxation, both before and after his shows.

"Usually, before the show, we like to go in, unwind," Aldean told PopCulture.com. "I get in there with my band a little bit, create some music, listen a little bit and if I want to have a couple beers, I'll have a couple Coronas. Obviously, we wait until after the show if we really want a cut loose. Wait until we're done working. That's when everybody gets in there and cuts loose for the night, a little bit. Corona's definitely a big part of that."

Aldean, who just returned from his inaugural performance at Luke Bryan's Crash My Playa, will launch his We Back Tour on Jan. 30 in Columbia, South Carolina. The summer leg begins on July 17. Find all tour dates by visiting Aldean's website.


Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter