Jason Aldean Crowns Himself ‘Bird King’ in Hilarious New Video

Jason Aldean and his family are currently quarantining at their beach house in Florida, and as beach house owners know, aquatic-adjacent wildlife is abundant. For the Aldeans, that means birds, and the "We Back" singer shared a video on Thursday revealing that several winged friends had made their way inside his home, something he wasn't too pleased with.

"Jase, there are so many birds in our house," Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, tells him at the beginning of the clip. "How in the hell? How the hell we gonna get them out of the house?" he responds before exclaiming, "Oh, s—," a sentiment that was repeated by his and Brittany's 2-year-old son Memphis. Jason ultimately decided to take care of the situation by first having a chat with the birds, several of whom were sitting on the couple's furniture. "Listen, guys, there's three of y'all here," he told them. "This way."

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The Georgia native then made his way through his neutral-colored home attempting to get the birds to leave, which he eventually did by catching them in his hands and letting them go out the door. Brittany also helped out, giving her husband a small net to scoop up one bird who was sitting in a window. The couple's 1-year-old daughter Navy was also on hand during the bird rescue, and she and her brother even pet one bird gently on the head before their dad put the animal outside. "I hope that's the end of them," Jason said at the end of the clip. He captioned the video "Bird King," presumably a play on the incredibly popular Netflix show Tiger King.

In a recent Instagram post, Brittany shared that the family goes outside to visit the nearby animals every morning, though she didn't mention birds, sharing a photo of Jason pushing a stroller with Memphis and Navy and Brittany pushing a stroller containing the family's dog Mia. "Every morning we walk 2-3 miles to start the day... now Mia joins us," she wrote. "We visit the turtles, go over bridges, look at houses, wave to people (from a distance, obvs) ... and pretend for a little bit that life is still normal."

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