Jason Aldean Celebrates 5 Years of Marriage With His 'Queen' Brittany

It's been five years since Jason Aldean tied the knot with his wife, Brittany Aldean. The couple wed on March 21, 2015, with the singer celebrating the milestone on social media, along with a photo of him kissing his wife. Brittany also celebrated their anniversary on social media, sharing a photo of their tropical wedding.

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"Happy 5 year anniversary to my queen!" Aldean posted. "In the last 5 years, we got married, had 2 babies and have created an amazing life together. Thank u for making me the happiest and luckiest guy in the world. I love u so much B and look forward to the many years to come with you by my side."

"5 years ago today I made the best decision of my life by marrying you," Brittany said. "The road has been a little tough at times but you and I never wavered. We stuck through it all and look at us now. I am forever thankful for you, our marriage, the babies you've given me and for the person you've helped me evolve into. I love you more than anything, babe. As we sit on the couch in our jammies today, I couldn't be happier. Because I'm with YOU. Love you ALWAYS. Happy Anniversary."

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Aldean is unexpectedly spending time at home, after being forced to postpone shows due to the coronavirus outbreak. But he likely doesn't mind the time with his spouse, who he calls his "best friend."

"The cool thing with me and her is we truly are — and I hate to sound like a Hallmark card here — we truly are best friends," Aldean previously told PopCulture.com and other media. "We do everything together. She's on the road with me. I don't like being out there unless she's out. It just makes it easier for us. She travels with me. We're kind of inseparable, which is great. I like it that way. It's cool. You can be married to somebody that truly you're best friends with, and that makes it fun. It makes it the way it's supposed to be."


Photo Credit: Getty / Tibrina Hobson