Jana Kramer Shares How She Deals With 'Hard Days' Amid Divorce From Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer is staying candid with her fans amid her divorce from Mike Caussin, and the country singer recently opened up about how she deals with the "hard days" in a new interview with PEOPLE in 10. "Being my true, own motivational speaker for myself even when there's hard days," she said.

Kramer added that "having grace" with herself has also been a big help. "It's okay to have bad days, it's okay to celebrate and laugh and dance and feel all the feels because that's how you're going to get healthier and stronger on the other side," she explained. The Soccer Mom Madam star also noted the importance of taking care of her mental health. "The mind is so important and it's easy to stay in a depressed state but I tell myself today is going to be a great day and just being my own personal motivator… it's going to motivate my kids around me, it's going to motivate my friends around me," she said. "That's been really, really big for me."

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Kramer and Caussin share daughter Jolie, 5, and son Jace, 2, and Kramer is currently focusing on being there for her kids, who are at an "impressionable" age. "I want to encourage them and I want to have really fun moments," she said. "I can be supportive and positive and loving and just being their rock, just being able to be that that force for them of positivity and love and nurture them is what I'm so excited about."

The singer and her kids have also been building some new family traditions. "A new thing that we've done is after every dinner we go for a walk. And we talk about the day and Jolie kind of tells me her highs and lows and then Jace repeats Jolie," she shared. "Just being able to start traditions is really cool, and then their ages are just so fun right now, so being able to be in that imaginative space with them is awesome too."

Kramer and Caussin would have celebrated their six-year wedding anniversary last month, and Kramer marked the occasion by declaring on Instagram that she feels "free." "Free. And not looking back," she captioned a photo of herself standing at the prow of a boat and throwing her hands in the air.


She continued, "I thought not celebrating 6 years today would feel heavy and sad....and though there is sadness in the broken, there is more joy, happiness, freedom and self love than I've ever experienced. The weight has been lifted and I welcome the unknown, because there is so much beauty in what's next." The 37-year-old finished her message by encouraging her followers to "Find your strength and set yourself free..."