Jana Kramer Reveals Why She Almost Asked for Mike Caussin Back When Serving Him With Divorce Papers

Jana Kramer filed for divorce from Mike Caussin last month, but on the Monday, May 24 episode of her podcast, Whine Down, the country singer revealed that when Caussin was served with divorce papers, she was worried she would ask for him back instead. "The night that Mike got served … it was literally like a drug," she told her friend Kathryn, who was at Kramer's house with her when Caussin was served.

At the time, Caussin was putting his and Kramer's kids, 5-year-old daughter Jolie and 2-year-old son Jace, to bed, and Kramer wanted to serve him the papers that day. He had been out of their home for less than a week at that point and Kramer didn't know where he was staying, so she wanted to serve him while he was there. Because she was not allowed to serve him the papers, she had an independent party serve Caussin with the papers outside the home.

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Kramer told listeners Caussin wanted to see her, but she was crying in her bedroom and didn't want to let him in, so she had Kathryn ask him to leave. "I was like, 'He can't come in this room,' because the second he comes in this room, I'm gonna probably ask for him back," she said, adding, "The addict in me was like, I wanted him so badly to come in that room and hold me and love me and tell me he's sorry and give me that hit. I needed it so bad."

"All I wanted to do honestly in that moment was to run out and say, 'Never mind, never mind, never mind. Guy, go away. Mike, come here,'" she recalled. "Literally that's what I wanted to do because that was the addict in me being like the second he gets those papers, it's done and I can't go back to that person anymore because that's, for me, whenever I filed, I was done. I can't go back from that. How can you? For me that was just something that was — I was very careful in never actually filing."

Caussin was served with the papers that night outside at his truck and Kramer officially signed their divorce paperwork last week. "That was the hardest of all the days," she reflected, "just seeing the signatures and it not being what I want and what I wanted for my family. That was a very hard day."


The 37-year-old added that after signing, she called Caussin and told him, "I know I wasn't a perfect wife, but I would have fought forever for this family and for you." She added to her estranged husband, "From here on out, I'm going to stop with the 'why' and the 'hows' 'cause now I have to move on."