Jana Kramer Receives Backlash for Saying Baby No. 2 Will Be Her Last Because of Age

Jana Kramer is currently expecting her second child, and according to the singer, it will be her last naturally.

Speaking to Us Weekly at the Support the Girls premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Aug. 22, Kramer explained that she's happy to cap her natural-born children at two because of her age.

"I'm gonna be 35 in December and after 35 it's basically a geriatric pregnancy," she said. "I wanna be done. I wanna live the rest of my thirties getting in shape and just taking care. We wanna adopt too."

Kramer's comments didn't sit well with some on social media, with several people noting that they had had their own children over 35 and were just fine.

"Seriously I don't understand why women have to be like 'Oh I'm 35. I'm so old, this is going to be my last baby,'" one Twitter user wrote. "Do you realize what day in age we live in? My mom had me at 35 and my brother at 47 with a surrogate."

A third chimed in that "35 is not old."

Another noted the unrealistic standards of the entertainment industry.

One person shared their thoughts with a GIF.

Kramer and husband Mike Caussin are expecting a baby boy, who will join big sister Jolie, 2. Kramer revealed that her husband is planning to get a vasectomy, with Caussin echoing his wife's statements that the couple is considering adoption.

"If we have anymore, it'll be adoption," he said, with Kramer adding, "So just nothing else out of me!"

While Kramer and Caussin are excited to meet their baby boy, the former One Tree Hill star previously told Us Weekly that she "really did want another girl."

"I never had a sister and I've always been envious of people that have had sister relationships and so I kind of wanted that for her," Kramer explained. "But now I'm like, 'Tough luck girly, we're having a boy' and I'm excited."

Despite her initial surprise, Kramer has been doing plenty of shopping to prepare for her upcoming arrival.


"My husband is like, 'You've already spent more money on this baby boy than you have with Jolie's clothes," she revealed. "Boy clothes I think are just so cute! But he's not going to be preppy. He's going to be a stud."

Photo Credit: Getty / Robyn Beck