Watch Jake Owen and Wayne Brady Compete on 'Drop the Mic'

Jake Owen may have made his name as a country singer and not a rapper, but the star tested out his skills during a recent episode of TBS' Drop the Mic, which saw Owen competing against comedian Wayne Brady in a rap battle.

Owen kicked things off, delivering a few burns against Brady including, "Your rap's so weak, I'm about to eat you for lunch / You're a ratings killer, the weakest of the Brady bunch."

Brady, best known for his work on the improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, returned with "Battle a country star? I was down with that / Battle Jake Owen? Who the hell is that?"

The two continued back and forth, with Brady appearing to compliment Owen's music with "That's some s—" before clarifying, "I heard you used to golf, you should've stuck with it."

Owens fired back at Brady's own music, telling him, "Wayne Brady, man, I ain't gotta take this / You recorded hundreds of songs but you ain't never had a hit."

After the duo finished rapping, the audience voted to determine the winner. Ultimately, Brady received the most cheers from the crowd and was crowned the battle's champion, receiving a gold trophy for his efforts.

See the full battle in the video above.


Photo Credit: TBS