Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Releasing 'Shallow' Cover as Next Single

Garth Brooks knows what the people want, and that is his and Trisha Yearwood's cover of 'Shallow,' [...]

Garth Brooks knows what the people want, and that is his and Trisha Yearwood's cover of "Shallow," which will appear on Brooks' upcoming album, Fun. The country legend announced on Monday that the couple's cover of the song, which was first heard in the 2018 version of the movie A Star Is Born, will be their next single and will receive its official debut during a live interactive preview of the album on Wednesday night.

Brooks and Yearwood decided to record a studio version of the song after they first performed "Shallow" earlier this year during a Facebook live show. "Everything kind of lit up, and in this business everything lights up and then it goes away. This did not go away," Brooks said on Good Morning America this week. "It just kept lighting up and lighting up, so we went ahead and, per the people, tried it for the new record."

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"And, man, I got to tell you, I always thought Bradley Cooper and I had a lot in common. Now I know we do," he added with a laugh. "We both understand that a great song is just finding a great female singer and Gaga is one of the greatest. Miss Yearwood is one of the greatest... so it is officially going to be the single off the record coming up."

"Shallow" was written by Lady Gaga, Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando and Mark Ronson and was originally performed by Gaga and Cooper for A Star Is Born. Brooks and Yearwood first teased their recorded cover in an interview with PeopleTV, where Brooks confirmed that the Facebook performance was the first time the two had sung the song together. Responding to interviewer Nancy O'Dell remarking how impressive it was that Brooks and Yearwood were able to perform the song on the spot, Brooks responded, "Well, when you have her?" referring to his wife's vocal ability.

The Oklahoma native shared that Cooper had actually attended one of his and Yearwood's concerts when he was preparing for his role in the film. "He was neat," Brooks recalled. "He kept talking about ear monitors, which was weird. I don't know if it was already written in the movie, but he noticed I didn't wear them, and I told him that the reason I didn't wear them as I can't hear [the audience]." Yearwood laughed, "Every girl on the tour was suddenly backstage when Bradley came back."

Fun will be released on Nov. 20 along with Brooks' live album Triple Live Deluxe. For more on Garth, Trisha and all your country stars, stay tuned to for the latest!