Garth Brooks Announces Stadium Tour

Big news from Garth Brooks! The country music superstar announced on Thursday, Oct. 17 that he is [...]

Big news from Garth Brooks! The country music superstar announced on Thursday, Oct. 17 that he is hitting the road on a stadium tour, which will last three years. The first two cities will be St. Louis and Phoenix, with three more cities to be announced before the end of the year.

"We're here today to announce, I wanted to call it the 'Big A-- Stadium Tour,' but they voted me down on that, so we're just going to call it the Stadium Tour for right now," Brooks shared at a media event. "It was going to be a college tour, but because of the cities, how they worked out, there's going to be some professional stadiums in it as well. So we're just gonna keep it at a Stadium Tour."

Brooks promises to use cutting-edge technology, including multiple video screens, to make sure everyone in every seat has an unforgettable night.

The news comes only a few days before Brooks' Oct. 20 concert at Notre Dame, marking the first time a music artist will perform at the prestigious college.

"Notre Dame stadium has seen so many iconic moments!" Brooks said in a statement of the inaugural show. "I look forward to bringing a new kind of crazy to the party."

Brooks will be joined at Notre Dame by his wife, Trisha Yearwood, who will host her own tailgating event prior to Brooks' performance. The couple announced the news during Yearwood's Facebook Live series, T's Coffee Talk.

"It's going to be a really cool combination of everything that Notre Dame loves and everything that Trisha Yearwood loves, so I'm really excited about it," Yearwood promised. "So, if you were ever curious about, like, 'I want to see your furniture, I want to see your rugs, I want to see your accessories, I'd like to try your food' — it's all going to be there."

The Notre Dame show will serve as the official kick-off for Brooks' upcoming tour.

"Notre Dame is kind of like the blueprint on how this is going to," Brooks said, adding that he originally planned to announce the tour at Notre Dame, before deciding to just focus on the concert while at the college.

"I will say this, if the whole tour is going to be like Notre Dame, I don't know if I'll be able to handle it, because this is the most work that I've ever had at work, but it's the most time I've ever put into anything," Brooks acknowledged. "And I think it's just because it's just new to us. The crew seems confident, band sounds fantastic, but all the logistics of it is just a step up for me, a big step up for me."

"So Notre Dame, couldn't have started at a better place," he continued. "Great people, great organization, they're a class act. If you ever follow the top sports identifications to us as Americans, in the top three are the Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, and Notre Dame. This has just been this class act. So they've been great to us. Everything we've asked them, they said 'Yes.' Every time we've needed help, they said 'Yes.' So this is, we were lucky to start with Notre Dame."

Brooks will have more time off than he did during his previous three-year World Tour, but he hints that Yearwood might soon headline her own tour, and he hopes to spend time with her on the road as well.

Brooks' Notre Dame show will be taped for a CBS TV special, which will premiere on Dec. 2. The 56-year-old plans on doing ten to 12 stadiums each year through 2021.

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Terry Wyatt