Gabby Barrett Shares the Toughest Part of Being a Mom

Gabby Barrett and husband Cade Foehner welcomed their first child, daughter Baylah May, in [...]

Gabby Barrett and husband Cade Foehner welcomed their first child, daughter Baylah May, in January, which means that they're very familiar with the exhaustion that all new parents experience. During a recent interview with CMT's Cody Alan for an episode of Cody Cast, Barrett named sleep, or lack of it, as the most difficult part of motherhood, explaining that feeling tired from playing concerts is different than being up with a baby.

"It's one thing to not get sleep from having four a.m. flights and running and doing this all the time," she pointed out. "It was just very high-energy as to what you were going to do when I would have to wake up and get on flights and all of that, you knew that you were going to do a show and it was high-energy, so it kept you going, but you're not having a concert when you are having a child. You're not throwing a party when you're changing a diaper. So sleep has been a big thing. And not getting enough sleep definitely takes a toll on the human body. It's difficult in motherhood, but it's all a blessing."

As for what she likes the most about parenting, the 21-year-old named her "right now" favorite thing as watching her daughter try different foods. "She's so used to the taste of milk that it's just so funny to see her getting to try foods that we eat every day," she said. "Her reaction is just hilarious. When she really likes it, her eyes get all wide, or she makes the sour faces where she's gonna throw up because she doesn't like it."

"Also just them looking at stuff," she added. "Like looking at a ball with colors in it and they're so amazed. Just stuff like that is so cool because I kind of just look at her and I'm like, 'I wonder what you're thinking when you're seeing this for the first time.' It's cool."

Barrett has begun playing shows again as restrictions are being lifted and she'll soon go on the road with Thomas Rhett on his The Center Point Road Tour. In May, she told Entertainment Tonight that she's "really excited" to take Baylah May along for the ride.

"What it'll kind of look like, we'll have a tour bus. We'll have our own home on wheels, which will be nice and exciting," she said. "She will definitely be with us. I'm really excited for her to kind of be able to watch us on the side of the stage, and as she grows, become more aware of what we do and songs and things like that. And then eventually we can write songs about her and it will just be so sweet."