Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Makes Working on a Healthy Marriage a Lifetime Commitment

Valentine's Day might be quickly approaching, but Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard doesn't rely on the one day to do something special for his wife, Hayley Hubbard. Instead, Hubbard makes romancing Hayley a year-round affair, especially when it comes to unexpected gifts for her –– something he admits is hard for her to reciprocate.

"You do have to try a little bit harder because most of the time, especially for me, if I want something I'm just on Amazon Prime real quick and I'm gonna grab it," Hubbard shared with his record label. "But in our life, there are always good times for surprises. I think that's important for a healthy marriage. It doesn't necessarily have to be a gift, but just any kind of surprise that's unexpected, even if it's just little flowers or coming home early or whatever the case may be, keeping each other on your toes and excited."

The Hubbards will celebrate their fifth anniversary later this year, and are the proud parents of 2-year-old Olivia and 5-month-old Luca. The 33-year-old says both Hayley and his duo partner Brian Kelley's wife, Brittney Kelley, deserve much of the credit for Florida Georgia Line's success.

"They kind of help us evolve into grownups that look at life from a grown-up perspective, and a different responsibility as humans that have been really blessed to now give back," Hubbard previously revealed. "And then, to now take care of our environment; we get to feel how much fulfillment that gives us. It's way more fulfillment than throwing the biggest party on the road. Things like that kind of get old pretty quickly and aren't very fulfilling. So for us, we've just found happiness in giving back and being the best versions of ourself that we can be, and taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally spiritually.

"I gotta give our wives a lot of credit for that," he continued. "We've got a lot of good people around us that also deserve credit but our wives are the ones that really inspire and really push us and help us become the best we can be."


Florida Georgia Line is working on a new album, which will be their fifth. More details are expected to be forthcoming. The guys will head out later this year to join Kenny Chesney on his Chillaxification Tour.

Photo Credit: Getty / Leon Bennett