Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Reveals Daughter Olivia's Halloween Costume

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard's daughter, Olivia, might be less than a year old, but she [...]

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard's daughter, Olivia, might be less than a year old, but she already has her Halloween costume picked out.

"She's definitely getting dressed up, that's for sure," Hubbard shared with PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "I have a funny story about that. I was taking a nap on the couch last week, and Hayley thought it'd be funny for me to wake up with her Halloween costume on me, not on me but laying on top of me, to cover me up. And I don't really remember exactly what I it was, but it was something along the lines of like a leopard suit, or cheetah, or some kind of little animal suit so, that's about as much as I can give you. I know she's gonna be some cute little animal for Halloween."

Olivia might be ready for Oct. 31, but Hubbard says the little girl, who was born last December, isn't quite ready for trick-or-treating.

(Photo: Instagram/thubmusic)

"She might be a little too young for that still," added Hubbard. "She's got one little tooth, so I don't know if the candy's gonna work, but we'll definitely go hang out with friends, do something fun."

Florida Georgia Line recently collaborated with Morgan Wallen on Wallen's "Up Down," which became the young singer's first No. 1 hit. For Hubbard, a chance to invest in rising stars like Wallen is an opportunity for him to pay it forward, the way artists helped both Hubbard and duo partner Brian Kelley early in their FGL career.

"I think we look for a lot in new artists, and artists that we wanna support and get behind, and work with," explained Hubbard. "I think that at the foundation of it all, we look for artists that remind us of ourselves. We like artists that really like to work hard, that have a vision, and are confident in their sound, and what they're doing, and also really coachable, and artists that are down to cut outside songs and write with different writers and get in the room and kind of better their craft as well, as a writer and an artist."

"So, kind of a lot of things like that," he continued. "But at the end of the day, we're excited about Morgan Wallen, we're real excited about Hardy, he's probably one of our new favorites right now. We're excited about RaeLynn, and Canaan [Smith], LOCASH, and all the different artist that [publishing company] Tree Vibez continue to get to work with, and lot of great opportunities and we're really enjoying it."

Florida Georgia Line's latest single, "Simple," just landed at the top of the charts. Download the song on iTunes.

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