Florida Georgia Line Sings Praises of Child Star, Mason Ramsey

Child star Mason Ramsey soared to fame after a video of him singing the Hank Williams classic, "Lovesick Blues" in a Walmart in Illinois, went viral, earning him millions of fans, a shout-out from Justin Bieber, an appearance on Ellen, a record deal, and an opening spot for Florida Georgia Line's Las Vegas residency, Florida Georgia Line Live From Las Vegas.

"It's wild to see what a viral video can do and how much exposure someone like him can have," Tyler Hubbard shared with PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "Man. he's talented. He's super talented. He's already a superstar. He really is an easy guy to like. He's a character. We say he's a 65 year old man in an 11 year old body. He's something else; he's pretty interesting. It's been a lot of fun to continue to watch him grow.

"Remember, at 11 years old, you can learn everything," he continued. "Super quick, catches on to things super quick. And so in the studio, things that were more difficult for BK and I to catch onto, he's just like that. He's extremely coachable. And it's fun; it's fun to see the world go crazy over this little 11 year old. It's like he's Justin Beiber. We're having a lot of fun with him. We can't wait to take him out to Vegas."

The Vegas residency, which kicks off on Dec. 1, is a chance for Hubbard and his duo partner, Brian Kelley, to connect with the fans, after spending most of the year away from the spotlight.

"This was a great year to do that, being off the road, not doing a big tour," Hubbard said. "Kind of creating a little bit more of a demand. A lot of fans know if they want to come see us, they can come to Vegas and see us in residency."

"You also think about that, all the Vegas entertainment history – Wayne Newton and Elvis, everybody," he continued. "So it's cool to kind of be the first young guys to go out there, try it out. And it's also cool because we have a lot of friends that live in California, LA, so they'll be going back and forth and hopping on our shows. We'll make it extra special."

Florida Georgia Line Live From Las Vegas will kick off on Dec. 1, and run through Dec. 11. The shows will be held at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Kevin Winter