Florida Georgia Line Releases New Single, 'I Love My Country'

Florida Georgia Line is livening up fans' self-quarantines with some new music, releasing their [...]

Florida Georgia Line is livening up fans' self-quarantines with some new music, releasing their new single, 'I Love My Country' on Friday, March 27. The song is the first from the duo's upcoming fifth studio album, out later this year.

"This was one of the first songs we did [for our upcoming project]," Tyler Hubbard told Esquire. "And it's just made us feel so good and gave us so much joy." He added, "Considering the time that we're living in right now, with everyone quarantined and maybe living in a little bit of fear, it felt like a song that could bring a little light to people."

"I Love My Country" was written by Corey Crowder, Ernest K Smith, and Charlie Handsome and produced by Crowder. With lyrics like "Barbecue, steak fries / Styrofoam plate date night / George Strait singing greats / While we turning up, sitting lake-side," the song is an ode to country living delivered in FGL's patented hip-hop-accented twang.

"We haven't had anything that hits this hard since 'Round Here,'" Kelley reflected, referring to the duo's 2012 No. 1 single. "This one's loud — it punches through the speaker."

The up-tempo track is a reflection of what fans can expect from FGL's upcoming album — Esquire describes the group's current sound as "an electrified take on '90s country."

"We've been craving the organic elements of what we do," Hubbard shared. "We're taking it back to recording with a full band, and then having fun bringing in different programming. It feels like a cool hybrid of a really country feel with different elements of rock and hip-hop."

FGL broke out back in 2012 with their smash single "Cruise," the only diamond-certified country single ever, and have since explored a number of genres including pop, hip-hop, R&B and folk-rock.

"We're not afraid of change," Hubbard said. "We're proud of where we came from, but we're excited to grow. We're always evolving — whether it's our personal lives, whether it's our career, whether it's our marriages, whether it's friendships. We're always trying to better ourselves and just continue."

"We're just hyper creatives. And we're always writing with great, young songwriters in town," Kelley added. "Worlds are colliding, from L.A. to New York to Nashville, even people from Europe hopping into co-writes. Especially with streaming, artists have an option to be a real global presence. So for us, it's about how far can we push ourselves?"

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur