Watch Florida Georgia Line's New 'Simple' Video

Florida Georgia Line just released the video for their latest single, 'Simple.' The song is the [...]

Florida Georgia Line just released the video for their latest single, "Simple." The song is the debut single from their upcoming, still-untitled fourth studio album.

In the video, directed by Justin Clough, two young boys discover an antiquated light bulb in an attic, inspiring their grandfather to tell them the story of how he met and fell in love with the woman who became their grandmother. The video then flashes back to the young couple crashing a party, before joining a barn dance, with the music provided by Florida Georgia Line, dressed in vintage clothng.

"'Simple' felt just right to start our next chapter and I'm so proud of this video," FGL's Tyler Hubbard says in a statement. "The ease in this song, this storyline, it's all so reflective of where we are right now in our own lives … enjoying the little – and simple – things."

"With this feel-good tune, we're going back to basics … the stripped-down roots. We're so excited that fans are vibing with its simple nature," Kelley adds.

Both Hubbard and Kelley wrote "Simple," along with Michael Hardy and Mark Holman, inspired by FGL's soaring career – and their need to sometimes take a step away from it all.

"I think the day we wrote this song, we were just trying to be reminded of that," Hubbard says. "I think everything's going a hundred miles an hour – we're on the road. And I remember last year it was kind of a whirlwind. I think for us, we have to just, probably on a weekly basis remind ourselves to take a few days off. Let's recharge and get re-grounded, get re-balanced.

"For BK, that's hanging out at a place on the beach," he continues. "We've got different things that kind of recharge us you know, but I think just maintaining a balance. We also love to work so hard that sometimes we have to force ourselves to take a day off. Put our cell phones away."

Hubbard, who along with his wife, Hayley, is a proud parent to baby girl, Olivia Rose, has found that sometimes even easy things can simplify their own lives.

"Me and my wife, we like to not have our cell phones when it's during meals," Hubbard reveals. "So it's just that little hour, little two hours during the day that we're eating, we know that we're going to simplify things and get back to basics. We're not going to have distractions. We're going to be present and be in the moment. So I think just finding little things like that through our life.

"We're all living in a world that's super fast, super digital, and super, or there's tons of distractions everywhere," he adds. "I think it's something we have to be consciously aware of. Make sure we find time to make time for ourselves."

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Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Hickey