Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley Guesses Gender of Tyler Hubbard's Upcoming Child

Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard just announced that he and his wife, Hayley, are expecting their second child. While the couple have yet to announce the gender of their new baby, Hubbard's duo mate, Brian Kelley, has a good guess if the Hubbard's daughter, Olivia, will have a baby brother or a baby sister.

"It's amazing," Kelley gushed to CMT. "It's cool to see them be such good parents and leaders and live their lives with so much light and love. I can't wait to see it. I hope they have a boy, I'm being selfish."

Hubbard and Hayley might not know the sex of their second child, but someone in their inner circle already knows – but isn't about to share.

"You know what's crazy?" said Hubbard. "We got our bloodwork back and our nanny knows what we're having and we don't know yet ... I'm trying to get it out of her."

The Hubbards would be happy with either gender, but Hubbard's wife has a pretty strong preference.

"Hopefully we'll figure it out soon," Hubbard said. "My wife is saying a boy, too. We'll see, I hope she's right. Me and Harley our dog might be the only dudes around, we'll see."

One thing Hubbard definitely isn't worried about is how 1-year-old Olivia will take to her new sibling.

"It's gonna be a fun journey, to get to see Olivia be a big sister," Hubbard noted, "and all the joy that comes along with that whole process."

Florida Georgia Line's 2019 is already off to a great start, and not just because of the baby news. The pair will release their fourth studio album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, on Friday, Feb. 15.

"Everything that we've put out's kind of been different, a different direction for us in a very exciting type of way," Hubbard said of their next record. "We always want to give the fans something different, a different side of who we are. And this next album, I think the album title really ties it together, to be honest. I think there's still a lot of different sounds, a lot of different sides of who we are, a little bit of something for everybody.

"But for the most part, this is probably our countriest album to date, kind of taking it back to our roots again, if you will, and the music that we loved growing up on, love writing and love performing," he continued. "And this is probably our most exciting album. We've poured our heart and soul into this and I do think it's a further evolution of who BK and I are and the FGL sound and just the different types and styles of music that we love to create."


Order Can't Say I Ain't Country at Florida Georgia Line's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Tim Mosenfelder