Ellen DeGeneres, Carson Daly Join Blake Shelton's Campaign to Get Craig Morgan's Single to No. 1

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and The Voice and Today Show host Carson Daly are both joining Blake Shelton's campaign to get Craig Morgan's song, "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost," to the top of the charts. After Shelton began a ruthless fight to get radio to play the song, and music fans to download it, they both spoke out, supporting Shelton's endeavors.

"This is why I love you, [Blake Shelton]," DeGeneres tweeted. "Let's get [Craig Morgan] to number 1," to which Shelton replied, "And this is why I love you Ellen!!!!"

With the song at No. 2 on iTunes, but failing to hit the top spot, the coach of The Voice reached out to a few more of his celebrity friends to help get the song in the top spot.

"Still not there yet huh...?" Shelton tweeted. "Hmmmmm... Dang it! Wait. Hey [Carson Daly]
and [Hoda Kotb] can you guys help? Please...? Listen to it!!"

Daly responded, saying, "So cool what you & so many are doing with this incredible song! I had chills at 1st listen. Working on [Today Show] folks to help the cause...stay tuned."

Shelton immediately started promoting the song, written about the loss of Morgan's son, Jerry, the first time he heard it.

"I would gladly give up my spot on country radio to get this song on.. Wow [Craig Morgan]
you blow me away brother," Shelton tweeted. "There's nothing easy or fun about writing a song like this but sometimes it's just something you gotta do."

Radio DJs all over the country vowed to start playing the song, thanks to Shelton's insistence. As the song inched to the Top 10 on iTunes, the Oklahoma native asked people to ignore his own No. 1 hit, "God's Country," in favor of "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost."

"People!!!! We are knocking on top 10!!!!!" Shelton said. "Lets get around that 'God's Country' song and get this thing up there!!!! We are almost there!!! This is a great moment for country music fans. The power is in yalls hands!"

Download "The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost" on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Getty / Tara Ziemba