Dustin Lynch Refuses to Open Generous Present From Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan gave Dustin Lynch a generous and thoughtful gift a few years ago, which Lynch says is still unopened! Lynch, who opened for Bryan for three of his tours, including his 2017 Kill the Lights Tour, reveals why the generous gift remains unused.

"Luke Bryan, he gave me a gift that still isn't out of the box from a couple, [or] three years ago," Lynch recalled to PopCulture.com and other media. "A really nice shotgun. I don't know what I gave him, I guess my life for two years [laughs] on tour. But I guess that would be the closest to a Christmas gift I've received from another artist."

It doesn't take Christmas presents to get Lynch in the holiday spirit. Instead, it takes good Christmas music, preferably from one of his favorite artists.

"Bing Crosby. He's my guy," Lynch said. "What makes an iconic Christmas song? I wish I knew, I'd write one. There's this elusive, just timeliness things that happen and are ingrained, I think, in our childhood. We grow up and spend our whole lives with them. But for me, I would say, you've got to be a crooner a little bit. There's something really classy and fun and classic about a lot of these songs."

Lynch just celebrated his fifth annual charity concert in his hometown of Tullahoma, which helps kick off the holiday season for him.

"We've done a charity event down there for local children's charities in Tullahoma," revealed the singer. "I look forward to going back and doing that show because the community raises so much great money and awareness for those charities that I think that we forget about during the course of the year, so it's great to shine light on those and raise some money for them and have some fun with friends and see family while we're doing that."

The 33-year-old also enjoys spending time with his own family, especially the younger generation.

"Going home and seeing the niece and nephew and the cousins, get excited for whatever they're passionate about, whether it's Legos, or I don't know what," Lynch said. "But seeing them, watching them in their church plays, or their little chorus plays, you know, everything that goes with being a four and an eight-year-old, I look forward to that these days."


Lynch performed "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" for CMA Country Christmas, which will air again on Saturday, Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz