Drake White Reveals His Favorite Way to Unwind

Drake White's career is busier than ever. His latest EP, Pieces, was released last month, keeping White on the road for much of the next few months. But when he gets a rare day at home, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife, Alex.

"She's a chef, so we usually cook a meal, have a glass of wine, and just talk to each other," White shares with PopCulture.com. "Listen to music, leave the TV off, and talk to each other. We've got a swimming pool out back. It's perfect weather right now for just chilling out, and asking each other how the day went."

White's wife has her own busy career, so they don't get to spend as much time together as White would like, which makes him appreciate the rare times she gets to enjoy time on tour with her husband.

"She comes about once a month," says White. "She's busy; she's got a food company, called Milk and Honey Food Company, and she's doing that full-time, but she comes out with me about once a month. It's awesome when she comes out with me."

Pieces marks White's first release since Spark came out in 2016, and the singer says he is already working on new music to share with his fans.

"It feels so good, just to get new music out," White says. "I loved what Spark did for us, and I felt like the fans were ready for something new. It feels really rewarding to have new music out, and to be working on even more. I'm really excited where the band is going and where, not just country music is going, but music's going in general, just how accessible recording objects are. Anybody can record now, and some cool stuff is happening, and I love it. I love being able to be creative, and just record at the drop of a hat."

The five-track album, produced by busbee and pointing back to White's childhood roots, became a labor of love for White.

"It's soul music," explains White. "It's soul country, and there's a little bit of ramble-rousing Alabama mud in there, too. So I really love working with busbee. It was hard. It was really hard to do it and make it. I'm like a Ferrari on one of those big, huge ships that are shipping the Ferarris. So I'm on this ship doing donuts on the deck, waiting to dock, to where I can just get off and just speed through the streets."


Purchase Pieces at DrakeWhite.com.

Photo Credit: Instagram/drakewhitestomp