Drake White Releases 'Girl in Pieces' Video

Drake White has just released the video for his latest single, "Girl in Pieces." The song is from his recent Pieces EP.

The video shows a couple taking off on a weekend adventure, including hiking, singing in a bar, and staying in a cheap motel, after the woman had clearly experienced heartbreak. But the song, with lines like "Well, I hate that he hurt you / But I gotta healing touch / I see a girl in pieces / Let me pick you up / And show you love, love, love," reminded White of his own life with his wife, Alex.

Childhood friends, White and Alex lost touch, with Alex marrying a drug addict who inflicted a lot of pain.

"We were in our 20s and I had come back for Christmas break to my hometown, and I saw Alex," White tells Taste of Country. "But this time, I saw a girl that had been, over the years, just beat down—not literally or physically, but just beat down-like struggling."

"Girl in Pieces" is just part of a project where White intentionally chose to be brutally honest in his feelings and emotions.

"I'm a perfectionist, but I also understand I have to be vulnerable and get those feelings out there," White tells PopCulture.com. "I have to be vulnerable in exactly what I want to push out. To have people that just are moved by the music, media, inside the media or not, if you write your heart and your guts and you lay them on the table, and you're really honest, I found that it doesn't matter if it's media, or the girl you're trying to get with, or the person that you're trying to impress.

"People gravitate towards that realness," he continues. "They gravitate towards somebody that says, 'Hey, I'm not having a good day today.'"

White and Alex married in 2014, and though they are both busy with their careers – White spends a lot of his time on the road, and Alex owns a catering company – his favorite way to relax is with her by his side.


"She's a chef, so we usually cook a meal, have a glass of wine, and just talk to each other," White reveals. "Listen to music, leave the TV off, and talk to each other. We've got a swimming pool out back. It's perfect weather right now for just chilling out, and asking each other how the day went."

Download "Girl in Pieaces" on iTunes.