Dierks Bentley Tries to Get Over an Ex in New Single 'Gone'

Dierks Bentley is back with new music, releasing his new single 'Gone' on Thursday. A classic [...]

Dierks Bentley is back with new music, releasing his new single "Gone" on Thursday. A classic Bentley groove, the song layers dobro, piano and guitar under a narrator who's been spending all of their time at home since a breakup. "Gone" was written by Nicolle Galyon, Ben Johnson and Niko Moon, and Bentley shared that he appreciated the song's storytelling aspect.

"Country music is the best genre for storytelling, and I feel like we are realizing it probably now more than ever since we can't congregate together at concerts, high five each other, sing and shout at the top of our lungs. A good country show is just about the greatest communion there is out there," he said in a statement. "We are all relying on lyrics and melodies at home and trying however we can to find different ways to connect with our fans, so that they know how important they still are to us. I hope this so."

The 44-year-old spent much of his quarantine with his family in Colorado, and reflected on that time in an Instagram message sharing "Gone" with fans. "I moved out West with my family in March, and have been living in a small mountain town....making up for lost time with them," he wrote. "Between the adventures, there has been a lot of music. I've been writing a lot songs, listening to a lot of great songs from the Nashville songwriting community, hosting my apple radio show, helping my daughter's with their own community radio show...and just playing and singing for fun."

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"I've always had so much gratitude for our fans and for what we get to do for a living...and to say I feel that way now more than ever would be the greatest understatement ever made!" Bentley continued. "I can't wait to hang with my road family of band, crew and fans. As soon as we get the green light, we will be out there. Hope you enjoy the new music and the beginning of another chapter. Love you guys."

While the singer told media during a recent virtual event that he feels "too anxious" to be seriously working on a full album at the moment, he was drawn to "Gone" and appreciates the fact that the song also acts as a subtle nod to the way the majority of people are feeling without being too overt.

"I feel like I've been gone; I feel like we've all been gone," he mused, via Taste of Country. "So it touches on a little bit of the idea of what's been going on here with COVID, but it does in a metaphorical way, through a relationship. I don't think anybody wants to hear anything written too directly about what's happening right now; it'd be too depressing."