Dierks Bentley's Mother Credits Brothers Osborne With Helping Him Win an ACM Award

Dierks Bentley recently won the ACM Award for Music Event of the Year, for "Burning Man," his collaboration with Brothers Osborne. Although the song is on Bentley's The Mountain album, Bentley's own mother, Catherine Childs, credits the sibling duo with the song's success.

"I just ran into Dierks' mom the other day," TJ Osborne told PopCulture.com and other media. "It was cool to see his mother having a son who has achieved so much. She was just so thrilled and excited too. There are all these moments where we would get going so fast, and just try to achieve so much that you have to slow it down. That was a good time to really think, 'ow, this is awesome.'

"The rest of that story is my mom thanking them. She calls me the Susan Lucci of award shows," Bentley interjected. "My mom is really nice. She was like, 'Because of you guys, you helped him. You got him his first awards."

Bentley has actually won numerous ACM Awards, including three for his comedic "Drunk on a Plane" video. He was also nominated for Album of the Year, for The Mountain, Music Video of the Year, for "Burning Man" and Male Artist of the Year. But even one win is enough for the Arizona native.

"It's really great to win that award," Bentley acknowledged. "It's not why we did it obviously, but it's great when [others] recognize in that way and kind of put the cherry on top of the whole deal. I guess it's the journey of the song and what it's meant to me. All the amazing things - all the different paths it's led me down and the joy that I'm able to bring out of the song over the past few years.

"So I had a little moment there," he added. "These guys, kind of at the end of the song's journey came in. It was a nice way to go out."

Brothers Osborne also had four nominations, including another one for Music Video of the Year, for their own "Shoot Me Straight" and Duo of the Year.

"That was the only award we won that night out of four other nominations, which was awesome," said TJ. "I think that was the most nominations we had going in an ACM Awards. It was cool walking on the red carpet knowing that we already won an award, knowing that we would likely lose the rest of them. And sharing that with Dierks, that was really cool."


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Photo Credit: Getty/ Rick Diamond