Devin Dawson Is the 'Happiest Man' After Engagement to Girlfriend Leah Sykes

Devin Dawson is engaged! The singer, who popped the question over the weekend, shared the good news on social media.

"Yesterday we celebrated two years ... but I needed to have her FOREVER," Dawson wrote, alongside a photo of Sykes sporting a big diamond. "Leah Sykes, thank you for showing me what hope feels like. I know there's almost 8 billion people in this world, but yesterday - without a shadow of a doubt - you made me the happiest man on this floating spinning rock when you said yes. I could go on forever ... Love is a crazy thing."

According to PEOPLE, Dawson proposed in the rooftop bar of the new Virgin Hotel in downtown San Francisco, which hasn't officially been open to the public. The couple was celebrating their two-year anniversary on the trip, but Dawson knew early on he would ask Sykes to marry him on March 10.

"Sunday was the two year anniversary of our first date, and I've known for a while now that I wanted that to be the day I propose to her," Dawson explained. "I wanted to set that day in stone so we could always remember how important March 10th is to us."

Not only the date, but the location was also important for the California native.

"I grew up around San Francisco and she's never been, so we made a trip out of it and I got to show her around one of my favorite cities in the world," said Dawson. "I think she might have suspected that I would pop the question this weekend when I took her to all my favorite spots —Ocean Beach, The Presidio, Twin Peaks — but I wanted to try to surprise her when she least expected it. So I waited until late Saturday night."

"When it turned midnight (our anniversary)," he continued, "our good friends at Virgin Hotels let me take over their rooftop bar."

Dawson's 21-year-old future bride might have initially been suspicious that Dawson would propose, but they were both blown away with how well the night turned out.

"We went up for a 'nightcap,' but when the elevator opened our song was playing, there were candles everywhere and we had the rooftop to ourselves," Dawson recounted. "I think it hit her then, because she just started bawling! I was really proud of actually catching her off guard. I got down on one knee and she screamed 'YES' to me with the entire city behind us."

Dawson and Sykes will have to plan their wedding on the road. Dawson has a packed tour schedule for most of 2019, including several shows in Australia. Find dates at


Photo Credit: Getty images/Mike Coppola