Danielle Bradbery Reveals Inspiration Behind 'Worth It,' Her Favorite Track on Album

Danielle Bradbery is worth it, and she wants her fans to know they are worth it also. The 21-year-old released her I Don't Believe We've Met album in December, co-writing seven of the ten tracks, including "Worth It," which she says is one of her favorites on the new record.

"It was a day that I was personally just thinking about things and just life," Bradbery recalled to PopCulture.com at a recent media event, of the day she penned the song with Jeff Pardo and Molly Reed. "As a shy person -- I'm better at it now, but I was very, very shy ...Sitting in a meeting, [I'd] walk out of there -- I personally have these all the time, [where] I'm like, 'I should have said that.' That day was more than others. I was feeling a little like, 'I need to stand up for myself more,' whether it's a relationship or just life, business.

"I expressed that to the writers, and they were very on board," continued Bradbery. "I was like, 'I want the feel to have kind of an Alicia Keys direction.' We were just kind of brainstorming about everything. They were like, 'OK, let's do it.' The song came natural. We didn't take long to write it, which I love writes that go that way. That's how 'Worth It' came about."

The song, which says, "Is it too much to look me in the eye / And listen to what I'm saying this time / I'm so tired of being up on your shelf /And if that's what you want / You want somebody else," is one that resonates personally with the singer.

"It's cool to personally have favorites on the album instead of having a song on there that's, 'Oh, I kind of had to put that on there,'" Bradbery said. "Every song on the album was something that I really wanted. Even some of them are last minute. The whole album was done, and I was like, 'No, I got to have this song on there.' It's very genuine."

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Photo Credit:Instagram/DanielleBradbery