'Dancing With the Stars' Alum John Schneider Plans on Returning to Jail

Before John Schneider was on Dancing With the Stars, he served time in jail. The Dukes of Hazzard star was sentenced to jail over his failure to pay alimony to his ex-wife, Elvira. Although he was sentenced to three days, he ended up serving only nine hours, due to overcrowding.

But with the divorce still winding its way through the court system, and both Schneider and Elvira out of resources, the 58-year-old would rather just return to jail and get it over with.

"Well, you can hope for no more jail time, but I think there's more jail time, and that's okay," Schneider told PopCulture.com. "It's like hoping not to die. Guess what, it's going to happen. There's jail time. I don't know how long. It could be as long as 15 days."

Schneider was originally ordered to pay more than $150,000 to his former spouse in alimony, but he would rather just be sentenced to jail, since he doesn't see any way he can come up with the money Elvira is requesting.

"We're on the third month of the fifth year, since she filed for divorce," Schneider said. "The only thing that's happened is I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, some of which was mine, some of which was borrowed. She has spent everything she had, lawyers made money, we're still not divorced, and I've been to jail and I'm probably going back. Where's the justice in that? Come on."

Schneider's inability to pay alimony is just one of several troubles that have plagued the actor, including two devastating floods in 2016, and ultimately losing his Louisiana estate when he could not make the balloon payment on his mortgage. But in spite of the hardships, things are already looking up for Schneider.

"It affected every decision that was made there," Schneider said of losing his property. "Now, there are people that we really like who are willing to work this out with us, that I feel great about that we were planting. Plant, I mean I love the garden. We're planting. I just planted six shrubs yesterday. I wouldn't have done that a year ago because I'd be afraid someone's going to take them. I don't feel that way anymore. Tremendous, tremendous relief.

"This will be a year of, I'm not going to say reaping," he continued. "We're going to be able to see it. I think the following year is going to be the reaping year. This is going to be where we start seeing the fruits of our labor come up out of the devastation."

Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com