'Dancing With the Stars' Alum John Schneider Opens up About Wife Alicia's Brave Cancer Battle (Exclusive)

One of the happiest times for Dancing With the Stars alum John Schneider also became one of the [...]

One of the happiest times for Dancing With the Stars alum John Schneider also became one of the scariest, when his then-girlfriend Alicia Allain was diagnosed with breast cancer only seven months before the couple tied the knot. Schneider, who was in a lengthy and costly divorce proceeding with his former wife, Elvira Castle, was looking forward to a future with Allain when she received the devastating diagnosis. Thankfully, and miraculously, Schneider says Allain is now cancer-free.

"Her first PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree, and now she's clear," Schneider told PopCulture.com. "We did a lot of things. We went to the doctor obviously. We went through the, 'My God, the house is burning down, what are we going to do?' stage. But she's so smart. She's a researcher. So what Alicia did is she looked up everything that came after the words 'cancer hates,' and we did all those things.

"She looked up 'cancer loves,' and we stopped doing all of those things," he added. "Like sugar. She went on a Keto for Cancer diet. We started walking around Music Row, because we heard that cancer does not like an accelerated heart rate. So by God we're going to do the treadmill, we're going to do all this stuff. We did that every day. Cancer loves sugar, took all that out, all of it. Not some of it, all of it."

Allain also tried a natural remedy that is just beginning to be used among cancer patients: CBD oil.

"We've heard some people saying, 'This has been a game-changer in diabetes. It's been a game changer in even rheumatoid arthritis. Game changer in stress-relief,'" Schneider said. "So friends of ours here that have a company said, 'Hey, try this.' We tried it. She took the medication that the doctors recommended. Three very, very strong medications. Not traditional chemo, but one of them is a chemotherapy drug called IBRANCE.

"And I believe that CBD oil actually levels the playing field," he continued. "Totally natural element, been around for years. It's getting a lot of press right now, but it's been around forever. And I think what your body does when you take CBD oil is it says, 'Thank God, here's something I know what it is, and I know where it goes.' So I think CBD oil actually helped the medicine work. I think it helped her body take to the change in diet better."

Schneider and Allain had a commitment ceremony in July, before his divorce was finalized. The couple officially wed in October, shortly after his divorce was finalized.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Wise