Dan + Shay Tease Live Performance of '10,000 Hours' With Justin Bieber

The collaboration between Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber on "10,000 Hours" has already shattered streaming records, but now Dan + Shay are teasing a live performance of the song between the two acts. The duo, made up of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, hint that sharing the stage with Bieber to perform the song will likely happen at some point, although they aren't sure exactly where or when.

"It would be awesome to do that song with Justin Bieber live somewhere," Smyers told ABC Audio. "I'm not sure where or when, but we'll make it happen for sure!"

It was Dan + Shay who had the idea to send Bieber the song. While they might have worried whether the pop superstar would like the song, they certainly didn't worry about whether or not their fans would embrace a collaboration with an artist from another genre.

"We think that we know our fans pretty well," Mooney explained. "We knew that they would definitely like that song. We hoped they would. And putting out that song has just been a game-changer. You know, it's another level for us.

"Seeing 'Dan and Shay with Justin Bieber' is a 'pinch-me' moment," he added. "So, yeah, we're feeling very lucky to be on that song with him."

Dan + Shay performed the song live for the first time, appropriately enough, at Bieber's wedding, to model and actress Hailey Baldwin.

"We wrote that about our wives and [we're] in a very similar place: We're married now and so is he," Mooney reflected. "And we all resonated with the song."

Smyers and Mooney were grateful they got to attend the star-studded event, even if they were technically working during the celebration.

"It's awesome to get to attend their wedding and it was a blast, it was a really good time. And that was like the first place we debuted the song," Smyers told Entertainment Tonight. "We had never rehearsed it!"

Dan + Shay had been wanting to collaborate with Bieber for some time, but it wasn't until "10,000 Hours" that they believed they had the perfect song.


"We've been a fan of [Justin's] for a long time and he loves country music and so does his wife," Mooney said. "We thought, 'Man, let's just throw a Hail Mary and see if we can get Justin the song, [and] see if he likes it.' And we sent it over and he loved the song, and I think his wife did, too. So that definitely helps!"

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz