Country Singer Cam Opens up About Painful Recovery Following Unexpected C-Section

Before country singer Cam — also known as Cameron Marvel Ochs — gave birth to her daughter, Lucy Marvel, she knew exactly how she wanted the birth to go, but Lucy had other plans. The baby was found to be breech, forcing Cam to have an unexpected C-section instead, resulting in a lengthy and painful recovery.

“I was going to go full-on natural. I had taken courses and done all of the exercises, and I was ready to go,” Cam told PEOPLE, adding that the first few weeks after Lucy's arrival were challenging, to say the least.

“You get sliced open — it’s crazy, it’s major surgery," Cam recalled. "Then you’re stuck in bed; you can’t even lift up your baby, you can’t even get up to go to the bathroom without someone pushing you out of bed and then your hormones are going f—ing nuts.

“Not to take away from the miracle, but those first two weeks are rough," she added. "And then, of course, your body heals itself. Super cool, super crazy.”

Cam's delivery might not have gone according to plan, but she isn't about to complain about how Lucy entered the world.

“Obviously there are so many moms who have so many uphill battles, and this was small potatoes in comparison to what a lot of moms and babies go through,” Cam maintained.

Cam also had plenty of help from her husband, Adam Weaver, who stayed by his wife throughout her painful recovery.

“I had a great partner," Cam boasted. "My husband would get the baby up, change the diaper, hand her to me to breastfeed, take her back, shush her, and lay her, get her swaddled and get her back in bed. It just made me love him so much more. This is my ride-or-die for sure, because we just got s— on together at 2 in the morning — a next level of love.”

Cam is back with new music, "Till There's Nothing Left," which she co-wrote and was inspired by Weaver.

“It seems simple to say, ‘I’m going to love you and give everything of myself until there’s nothing left,’ ” Cam reflected. “But you learn just how much you can love someone, especially once you have a baby.”

"Till There's Nothing Left" is from Cam's upcoming sophomore album, which will include the changes in her life over the last few years, including motherhood.


“It narrows the scope of things that you used to worry about; it kind of gets you focused more — like, ‘I don’t have the sleep to give that my energy,’ which is nice because you get a little bit more of a zero-f—s-to-give sense,” Cam said. “You want to leave this world better for your kid.”

Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson / Getty Images for Stagecoach