Cole Swindell Grateful for Support With 8 No. 1 Singles

Cole Swindell just celebrated his eighth No. 1 single with "Break Up in the End," the debut single from his recent All of It album. The song was a departure for Swindell, and not just because of the sentiment behind the tune. "Break Up in the End" also marked the first chart-topping hit Swindell had that he didn't write, but he's still thrilled for the three tunesmiths behind the song.

"To think I've had eight No. 1 singles," Swindell shared with "That doesn't happen without a lot of support, and a lot of help. This was my first one that I didn't write, so I'm so excited for the songwriters of this song, Jessie Jo Dillon, Jon Nite, Chase McGill ... I know this song is special to them, and to see it reach the top of the charts was special."

"Break Up in the End," which says, "I'd still play my favorite song in your car / Let you love me to it, 'til it felt like ours / Now all I hear is you in it, but I'd still let you ruin it / Even though we break up in the end," had a heart-breaking message Swindell felt compelled to share.

"Some people, it hits them the first time," said Swindell. "Some people say they listen to it a couple of times and then it just hits you. That was it for me; the first time I heard it, I knew how it hit me, and I knew I had to record it. Songs like that are why I love country music. I love all kinds of music, but I don't think there's another genre that hits you in the heart like a good country song, and that's one that I'm glad I got my hands on."

The Georgia native is climbing back up the charts with his current "Love You Too Late" single, which is the most uptempo song Swindell has ever recorded, even though its message is also sentimental and serious.

"It kind of fools you because it's such an uptempo, rocking song," explained Swindell. "It's written about realizing you love someone and you maybe should have not told them – that's what the song says – but maybe showed them. And by the time you realize that you do love them and you didn't tell them, it's too late, and they're gone. It's deeper than what you think, just because of the tempo of it, but I wrote that song, and I'm proud of it."

The 35-year-old is currently crossing the country on his Reason to Drink ... Another Tour, which he is sharing with Dustin Lynch and Lauren Alaina, and having plenty of fun, both on and off stage.

"Dustin Lynch and Lauren Alaina are two of my favorite artists out there, period, much less to have them out on the road," Swindell gushed. "This is our tour, and we're having a blast. Honestly from the top of the show to the bottom, I think it's one of the best line-ups and shows out there. I hope people get to come out and see it. If you haven't, we're proud of it. It wouldn't be the same without Lauren and Dustin. We're having a dang good time, so my liver's hanging in there. I think."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Matt Winkelmeyer