Chris Young Reveals Surprising Reason He Refuses to Speak About His Love Life

Chris Young has been in the public eye for more than a dozen years, but relatively little is known about his romantic life – a disappointing fact for fans, but a deliberate decision for Young.

"I know it drives people nuts, but that was a conscious decision I made several years ago," Young told PEOPLE. "I tell people when I've been dating somebody before, but I also do like to keep my private life private. Anytime there's a really good break up, I'm like, 'Well, she broke my heart. It's time to go write an album!'"

The 33-year-old just put the finishing touches on his eighth studio album, which includes his current "Raised on Country" single, but doesn't say how much of it was inspired by a broken heart. What he does say is that fans who think they know Young and his music are in for a big surprise, both on his record and his upcoming What Makes You Country Tour.

"I cannot stress enough that I took everything we've ever done and put it to the side and started over," Young maintained. "I've changed song orders around and added songs that are going to be on the new record that no one has heard yet. We literally started from scratch and were like, let's make the coolest show I can possibly make."

His next, still-untitled record will, he promises, have a little something for everyone.

"There's so much stuff that's coming everybody's way," hinted Young. "There's a couple moments on the record that I think are going to surprise people. There's one kind of throwback song. It's a cover. It's different. And it's got some guests on it."

Young doesn't say when the new set of tunes will be released, but he does hint that the project is almost near completion.

"I'm done singing," said the Tennessee native. "We're doing the final couple mix things. My plan is to have it in mastering before we fly out to Europe at the top of next month for shows. It's like cramming for finals."

Young's Raised on Country Tour kicks off on May 16, and likely no one is more excited than Young to hit the road.

"I'm in one of those amazingly exciting creative phases of my life," Young reflected, "and being able to kick off a new tour with that, I couldn't ask for anything else."


Chris Janson, Dylan Scott, Jimmie Allen and LOCASH will join Young on the road. Find dates at

Photo Credit: Getty/ Mindy Small