Chris Young's Puppy Has Too Much of One Good Thing

Chris Young welcomed his new puppy, Porter, this past Christmas, and the German Shepherd is now back at home with his dad after a stint at puppy boot camp.

During a recent No. 1 party in Nashville, Young revealed that he would soon be picking Porter up from puppy boot camp, and it seems the pup will have plenty of beds to choose from when he gets home.

"I think he has a bed from every arena that I've played in," Young shared. "Every single arena, that was their gift. They're like, 'Look, we got you a dog bed,' so he's got a bed for every room of the house. He's good."

The "Hangin' On" singer will return in April to continue headlining his Losing Sleep World Tour.In the meantime, the 32-year-old has been working hard to get his furry friend to 50,000 followers on Instagram, with Young requesting fans to follow Porter's account, @porterthedog, which is full of artful pics of the growing canine.

In a very relatable move, Porter's account recently featured a photo of the pup taking a quick nap, along with a caption, which read, "I came... I saw... I napped..."

porter the dog
(Photo: Instagram / @porterthedog)

The account also includes a few videos, because Young knows what the people want. The most recent featured Porter doing what any dog does when confronted with a treat — taking any path to get there. In this case, Porter wasn't exactly delicate as he made his way to Young to get a handful of food.

"I WILL knock over things to get to my dad... because he has snacks," the video's caption read.

I WILL knock over things to get to my dad... because he has snacks

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As of Tuesday afternoon, Porter has over 40,000 followers on Instagram, so it's safe to say he's doing pretty well, though it will take a lot for him to catch up to his dad, who has nearly a million fans on the platform.


With a bio that reads "Belong to Chris...but I run the joint," it just might happen.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @chrisyoungmusic