Chris Stapleton Reveals Charity Launched With His Wife, Morgane

Chris Stapleton is putting his fame and fortune to good use. The "Millionaire" singer revealed on social media that he and his wife, Morgane, have launched Outlaw State of Kind, an organization that supports causes close to the couple's heart.

On Instagram, Stapleton shared more details of OSOK, and their goal for the charity.

"OSOK is Chris + Morgane Stapleton's charitable fund that supports a variety of causes close to their heart," reads the post. "We look forward to using this platform as a way to shine a light on the organizations OSOK supports."

The website reveals that OSOK, established in 2016, previously supported the Hand in Hand hurricane relief benefit and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospita's This Shirt Saves Lives campaign, among other causes. It also lists a series of organizations that have received grants from OSOK, including Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes and City of Hope, among others.

Stapleton and Morgane, who have four children, including twins born in April, share life on and off stage together. The singer-songwriter says he performs best with his wife by his side.

"She knows all my tricks — that's what I tell people — onstage and off," Stapleton says. "It's a cool thing. I don't think I know anybody else who gets that level of being married, but also working and interacting. And sometimes that's a hard thing to walk around 'cause we're married, but also, how cool. We take the kids out, and we've got just a traveling family road show. It's fantastic."

The 40-year-old released From a Room: Volume 2 in December, and says it might be a while before fans have new music from him.

"I like the creative process, and I like to do things just because I like to do them," Stapleton explains. "I've got a couple of songs in some movies and some different collaborations with some people that are on the horizon. But as far as a project for me, I don't know what that next thing is. It'll probably be a minute, because two records in a year is a lot and sometimes you don't know stuff like that until you do it, like, 'Yeah, I'm gonna put out two records in a year.'

"It's been great," continues Stapleton, "and it was a good plan, and I'm real happy with the way things are turning out. But we'll probably not be recording anything real soon. It may be a minute. We'll tour off these two records. They've got a lot of life in 'em as far as touring goes, so I'm sure whatever the next right thing is to do will present itself, and then I'll look at it dead in the eye and go, 'Alright, let's go.'"

To donate to OSOK, click here.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Michael Tran