Chris Stapleton to Perform With the Eagles This Weekend

Chris Stapleton will soar with the Eagles this weekend, when he takes his turn performing with the iconic group on Saturday, June 23, in Dallas, Tex., fulfilling a lifelong dreamfor the singer.

"One of the greatest shows I ever went to in my life was The Eagles' Hell Freezes Over Tour in '95," Stapleton recalls. "My memory of it is [that] I went there, I saved all my money and I bought me and my brother a ticket, and it was at the Charleston Civic Center in West Virginia in 1995. I was 17 – 16 [or] 17, and we drove the four hours from my hometown to go watch that show, and they played for four hours. They played all the Eagles hits, and then they took turns singing all their solo stuff with the Eagles as the backup band. So, I don't think you could ask for much more out of a show."

The Eagles lost their founding member, Glenn Frey, who passed away in 2016, but currently have Vince Gill touring with them in Frey's place.

"It was flawless, every piece of it was flawless," continues Stapleton. "So, to get to go play a show with those guys, and I know they lost Glenn Frey and I'm real sad about that, but Vince is in the band now and I know Vince pretty well, and I'm excited to play with all those guys. Really cool."

This isn't Stapleton's first foray into music outside of the country genre. He's previously performed with his good friend, Justin Timberlake, joining the pop star on Timberlake's current single, "Say Something," including the one-take video, and hints there might be more collaborations with Timberlake in the works.

"We just have fun," Stapleton says (quote via Sounds Like Nashville). I"t looks like the 'Odd Couple' to most people, but we have a lot of the same musical influences out of the old R&B and soul music and things like that. And we just enjoy hanging out."

"We don't necessarily talk about whole records. There will always probably be music being made in that configuration, whether it's writing or talking about music or playing music for each other," he adds. "Those things are always going to happen as far as I'm concerned. I can't speak for him, but we were talking about something earlier today. It's just fun and we're both in a stage of our life, I think, where we just want to have fun playing music, so that's why it makes sense."

The Eagles announced last year that Stapleton would join them for one show, along with Jimmy Buffett and James Taylor, who are each taking their turn for a couple shows. The Zac Brown Band and the Doobie Brothers will perform together with the Eagles for two shows in September. Deacon Frey, the son of Glenn Frey, will join the Eagles for all dates, along with Gill.


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Photo Credit: Getty images/ CBS Photo Archive