Chris Lane's Wife Lauren Bushnell Shot This Baby Name Suggestion Down 'Really Fast'

Chris Lane and wife Lauren Bushnell are getting ready to welcome their first child, a baby boy, and while they haven't officially landed on a name, there's one suggestion that has already been vetoed. "I was halfway joking, halfway serious and Lauren shut me down really fast," Lane recently told and other media.

"But I thought it was kind of cool," he said. "I wanted to name him Rambo and Lauren shot me down really fast." Lane explained that he "thought it actually was like a tough name. I'm like, 'What can I name him that stands out and is tough?' And I feel like coming up to bat, Rambo Lane, I mean, how could he not drop bombs, you know what I mean? Now teeing off on the first tee box, Rambo Lane, how does that not stick out in a cool way? But yeah, shut down so hard."

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While Rambo is out, Lane shared that he and Bushnell have a name in mind they think might be the one. "We dwindled it down to the last couple names and we keep calling him this one name a lot, so I think that's probably going to be the one that sticks," he said. "And I'm excited, I think it's cool."

The 36-year-old shared that he is hoping his son will be drawn to sports, specifically golf. "I'm saying this in a light hearted way, but my main goal is to make him a PGA Tour star," Lane admitted. "From the moment he pops out, I'm going to put a golf ball in his hand and the moment he can walk and swing a club, I'm going to have it in his hand. I think that is what I would love to see, or any sport in general. That's what I grew up and I was passionate about and I hope that I can coach him the way that my dad coached me as well."


Prior to welcoming his firstborn, Lane is staying busy by sharing new music with fans, releasing his latest single, "Fill Them Boots," on April 23. Lane wrote the song, a message to a potential new partner, with Josh Miller, Ernest Keith Smith and Mark Trussell.

"I had this song idea written down in my phone for quite some time before I wrote it," he recalled. "And the thing it made me think about was the way Lauren and I first met and the relationship that she was in. I mean, it honestly kind of tells that story a little bit." Lane added that "we just wrote that story in there and I hope it's a song that people can easily relate to."