Country Singer and Wife Welcome Baby Girl: 'It's an Amazing Feeling'

Country singer Chris Colston and his wife Peyton are parents! The two welcomed a baby girl, Emersyn Ruth Colston, on Friday, May 20 at 12:30 a.m. Emersyn was born one month early, they told PEOPLE. The "Livin' Like This" singer and Peyton announced Peyton was expecting their first child in December.

Colston, 26, said it "really didn't hit me" that he is now a father until he woke up Monday and saw Emersyn's face. "[Emersyn] stayed in the room with us last night and pretty much slept all night," he told PEOPLE. "So, when I woke up this morning and the sun was coming through the blinds, I looked up and she was in her little baby carriage, and she was just peaceful at sleep. That's when it hit me."

Peyton and Colston met in college and married in April 2021. She discovered she was pregnant while he was working in Nashville and kept the news a secret until he arrived back at their Texas home. He was "just so excited" when he heard the news.\

Unfortunately, the pregnancy was not easy for Peyton. She experienced several complications, including kidney issues that required bed rest in January. She needed "several" stint placement surgeries, Colston said and her doctors decided to schedule a cesarian section 36 weeks into her pregnancy. "My wife has really been through the wringer," the singer said.

Emersyn decided she could not wait though and was born on Friday, weighing 5 lbs., 11 oz., and measuring 18.5 inches. She "was so tiny," Colston told PEOPLE. "She still is tiny, but she's got perfect features of both of us. She's got a perfect little face and she's the spitting image of the both of us. It's an amazing feeling."

Colston said he has already written a song for Peyton and their daughter called "Boy Like Me." However, his first release as a dad will be the single "Livin' Like This," which comes out on June 3. The song was written by Michael Carter, Ben Hayslip, and Jameson Rodgers. He plans to spend the summer with Peyton and Emersyn.

"I had already cleared my schedule for June, so this actually works out perfect," Colston told PEOPLE. "And then in the fall, we'll kick things back up and get back on the road and get back to work. But right now, we're all just going to enjoy the time together. There's a lot of blessings coming all at once right now and we're just ready to take them wave by wave."