Carrie Underwood Continues to 'Take Steps in the Right Direction' With Her Health

Carrie Underwood is enjoying a few weeks off after the first leg of her Cry Pretty Tour 360 [...]

Carrie Underwood is enjoying a few weeks off after the first leg of her Cry Pretty Tour 360 wrapped up, before the second leg kicks off in September. A seasoned pro at working out and eating well, Underwood admits she had to readjust her schedule when she hit the road with 4-year-old Isaiah and infant son, Jacob, which some days doesn't allow for the intense workouts she once accomplished every day.

"Some days might be better than others," Underwood told Women's Health magazine. "I might have gotten more sleep; therefore I can work out longer."

"I'm always trying to take steps in the right direction," added the singer, "even if they're small steps."

Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher supports Underwood trying to squeeze workouts in whenever she can, even if his reasons for doing so are not entirely altruistic.

"To me, working out — my husband has said it — he was like, 'You're, like, a more pleasant person to be about when you have a workout in the morning,'" Underwood recalled. "And I was like, 'I know! I feel better.'"

The American Idol alum previously opened up about her struggles, especially after welcoming Jacob into the world in January, when her body didn't respond the way she wanted.

"I get frustrated because I have high expectations for myself," while promoting her CALIA fashion line, via Good Morning America. "And after having my second child, going into the gym when I got the clear from my doctor, doing a push-up was way harder than it was not too long ago."

Underwood's schedule is unpredictable, especially when she is on the road, so she tries to remain flexible with her exercising.

"[It] really depends on the day. You just gotta listen to your body," Underwood said, adding that she sometimes just walks or runs for cardio. "A lot of people will go workout in order to feel great, but if you feel great in the first place, you're one step ahead."

What Underwood does might vary from day to day, but she always manages to get some form of exercise in daily.

"I feel like it's my therapy everyday," Underwood previously told and other media. "I don't go get massages, I don't go get facials. That would be great. I might get a massage twice a year – some Mother's Day present or something, which I literally have a gift card for that, that's like two years old that I have not used for Mother's Day.

"But, that's my thing," she added. "I don't need vacations even. I'm like, 'Honey, you can give me like an hour, I'm good. You don't have to take me out. It's fine.' That's kind of my therapy. I feel like a lot of what I do is physically demanding."

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rich Fury/ACMA2019