Carrie Underwood Is All Smiles in Mid-Workout Snap

Carrie Underwood isn't one to shy away from posting workout photos of herself as inspiration for her fans. She's also shared plenty of photos with her followers that are makeup-free, earning her even more support and love from the online world. Recently, she posted yet another workout picture and fans immediately flooded the comment section.

The country music star shared a selfie of herself smiling in a gym telling her fans that she loves to start her week with a Fit52 workout — the country music singer's fitness app. "Starting the week off right with a @fit52 workout! Who's with me?" she captioned, using the hashtag "Monday Motivation." Several jumped into her comments with positive feedback, with one writing, "Get it!!!!!!! You look AMAZING!!" with others saying they participated in the workout as well. "Me. I did mine this morning," someone said, while another Instagram user chimed in with, "Started mine yesterday since I can't sweat for 2 days now, won't be back at it until then."

Underwood has been quick to get back into her normal workout routine following her neck injury. She told fans about it via her Fit52 app back in January, saying, "Been out a few days w/a neck injury." She then added, "Slowly stepping back in w/ swaps and modifications." At the time, she didn't reveal much about the severity of her injury or any of the details that went along with it, but based on her posts since then, she seems more than happy to be back at it.

This wasn't Underwood's first time with a bad injury. In 2017, she suffered a larger injury that affected her workout schedule when she fell on stone steps outside of her house. She broke her wrist and had to get over 40 stitches in her face, eventually making her return to the spotlight during the 2018 ACM Awards. In particular, that specific injury seemed to take a toll on her in more ways than her fans could imagine. "It definitely messes with your mind, you know?" she told Shape in 2018. "But I knew that if I did nothing, that would make me feel even worse. So I did a lot of lower body workouts. I was like, 'Well, I can still do squats, lunges, I can kind of hold a weight in this hand, and I'll just figure it out."