Carrie Underwood Reveals How She Keeps Life Normal While on Cry Pretty Tour 360

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, are raising their two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, on the road while the country megastar headlines her Cry Pretty Tour 360. While the American Idol alum knows her sons' childhood will be unlike many of their friends, Underwood has found a way to at least keep life somewhat normal for her children.

"We've kind of gotten out of hotel rooms because for Isaiah, it's hard for a 4-year-old who's constantly looking to be stimulated," Underwood told PEOPLE. "We started renting houses to have a little more normalcy and so he has a backyard to play in. He can be a little boy and get out some of his penned up energy. And we can make breakfast and have those comforts of home. That's a big difference."

Isaiah also gets to enjoy many of the things he would do at home, even while in a different city each day.

"We have this area where Isaiah can go and color or there are toys in there or he can read and paint, whatever he's feeling," said the singer. "He's a pretty creative kid so we try to give him space to do that."

Isaiah wasn't even a year old the last time Underwood hit the road, on her Storyteller Tour, but this time the 4-year-old can appreciate the experience a lot more, and make memories he will still remember for years to come.

"It's so interesting to me to think about Isaiah and how they are just going to be like 'Well this is normal right? Everybody's mommy and daddy do this right?'" Underwood reflected. "We're trying to figure out how to keep them as normal as possible as well."

At least Underwood has a willing co-parent with her on the road. Underwood and Fisher will celebrate nine years of marriage next month, and have been through plenty of highs and lows, including three painful miscarriages.

"He is so level-headed about everything," Underwood boasted. "When I was dealing with everything, not just emotionally but hormonally – when you're going on that roller coaster of pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant, not pregnant – I was probably not very easy to love, to be honest. And to have somebody so even-keeled, he was my lifeline, keeping me grounded."


Underwood will soon head overseas for a series of shows in the UK as part of her Cry Pretty Tour 360. Find a list of all of her upcoming shows by visiting her website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jeff Kravitz