Carrie Underwood Shares Breezy New Song, 'End Up With You'

Carrie Underwood's album Cry Pretty is now just one week away, and the star has gifted fans with another song from the upcoming project ahead of its release.

On Friday, Sept. 7, Underwood released "End Up With You," a breezy, lighthearted track penned by Brett McLaughlin, Hillary Lindsey and Will Weatherly.

Judging by the lyrics, it's clear Underwood doesn't care what happens over the course of the night, just as long as she ends up with the one person she wants to see.

"We could end up broke down on some back road / Lovin' in the back seat to the radio / Wouldn't be the worst scenario / 'Cause all I wanna do is end up with you," the 35-year-old sings.

The driving tempo and pop-leaning production are a perfect backdrop for the love song, one of several that appear on Cry Pretty. Underwood's vocals on "End Up With You" are also a rarely heard styling from Underwood, who floats from note to note in laid-back fashion.

"It's really fun," Underwood said of the song. "It's got this cool beat to it that kind of makes you want to dance, but the words are really awesome and the story's cool because it's all about being with the person that you love and you don't really care what's going on around you, you just want to be with that person and it doesn't matter what your day's like, as long as it ends with the one that you love."

"End Up With You" is a departure from the more serious side fans have heard from Underwood as of late, and the three tracks she has released from Cry Pretty — the title track, "Love Wins" and "End Up With You" — are all different from each other and offer fans a glimpse of the diverse offerings they can expect from Underwood's seventh studio effort.

Speaking to UMG Nashville, Underwood explained that she wanted to be "completely creative" with the project, on which she stepped into the producer's chair for the first time to co-produce alongside David Garcia.

"I just wanted to be completely creative to see what would happen," she said. "I feel like some themes that kind of weave their way through the entire album are ones that are just very real and very much about life and very sincere and emotional and soulful. Of course, we have some fun songs on there too, but there's a lot of me on this album. I think when people listen to it, they'll definitely hear that."

Cry Pretty hits shelves on Sept. 14, and fans will received "End Up With You" immediately upon pre-ordering the album.


Photo Credit: Getty / Steve Jennings