Carrie Underwood Admits to Trying a Few Crazy Diets in Her Quest to Be Healthy

Between winning American Idol and now, Carrie Underwood has learned plenty about eating healthy. Underwood, who just launched her Find Your Path book and fit52 app, previously opened up about how painful people's comments were about her weight, while she was on Idol. Although painful, and untrue, the remarks started Underwood on a path to finding true health, which she is now sharing with others.

"I've seen crazy diet suggestions, and I've tried some that are entirely unsustainable," Underwood told PARADE. "No, I'm not going to puree my own peas or make my own hummus. They have it at the store. You know what I do? I eat microwave burritos multiple times a week because they're easy. It's about finding those solutions and doing your best."

Underwood also admits she still struggles in one area: allowing her body to rest. While she promotes taking time for yourself in Find Your Path, it's an area she acknowledges she still needs to work on in her own life.

"Sometimes moments do need to be wasted," Underwood conceded. "You need to take a breath and stop. That is an area of self-care that I am awful at."

The 37-year-old is very task-oriented, which is why she has a difficult time allowing herself to unwind.

"Relaxing is so hard for me. If there's one thing I do not do, it is waste a moment," Underwood said. "Nobody else notices, but I feel personal satisfaction setting and meeting goals."

Underwood may not allow much time for herself, but she does make time with her family, including 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob, a priority.

"We have dinner together six nights a week," Underwood revealed to PEOPLE. "I feel like that's something really important. What my husband and I talk about more than anything is how to make sure our children have a 'normal' childhood. That's hard with this particular life."

She also prioritizes time with Fisher, while her children are sleeping, starting the day by themselves, and ending the day with a few mindless shows.

"Mike and I sit on the couch and catch up and watch The Bachelor or The Walking Dead," Underwood shared. "That's my balance, work hard and then veg."


Photo Credit: Getty / Barcroft Media