Carly Pearce Shares Makeup-Free Selfie While Quarantined at Home Due to Coronavirus

There are a few perks to being quarantined at home due to coronavirus, at least according to Carly Pearce. The 29-year-old shared a new photo of her without make-up, or hair extensions, admitting that she was enjoying time to be her authentic self.

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"I'm used to the majority of my days & nights involving hair extensions, lashes & lots of make up," Pearce captioned the photo she shared on Instagram. "During this time, it's been nice being still in my thoughts, but also getting back to my true self and being still & okay with that. Hi from a no make up, wet hair gal hanging inside."

Pearce earlier shared a photo of how she and her husband, Michael Ray, were spending their time off the road.

"Happy Quarantining!" Pearce posted. "What are y'all doing to pass the time? (Yes, he's wearing eye patches)"

"Forced eye patches haha," Ray added. "I honestly don't know what day it is."

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Pearce earlier admitted she had to schedule time with her husband, just like any other appointment, but she likely didn't imagine having so much time with him due to coronavirus.

"We do, at the beginning of the year, we pick a week to block and then our people do understand –– we have the same management team so that helps to be able to see," Pearce revealed. "We really don't like to go more than two weeks apart. We feel like that's when my claws start coming out. Just as women, I feel like we need our man, even if it's for a few hours.

"But honestly our schedules change so frequently that we try to do it for like the next two weeks," she continued. "OK you're here, you're here. OK we're going to have that night. OK, great. OK, do I need to fly to you? We kind of do it every two weeks."


Pearce was supposed to be on the road with Old Dominion, before the tour got postponed also due to coronavirus. Pearce and Ray were also scheduled to perform following the St. Jude Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, which has also been postponed.

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer