Watch Carly Pearce's New 'Closer to You' Video With a Cameo of Michael Ray

Carly Pearce has just released the official video for her current single, "Closer to You," and it's not too surprising that her future husband, Michael Ray, makes an appearance.

The video shows Pearce alternately driving a classic car and pining for someone, presumably Ray, in a high-rise apartment. As the song continues, Ray appears, partially hidden, getting close to Pearce.

Pearce didn't write "Closer to You," which instead was written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges, but the song resonated as strongly with Pearce as if she had penned the lyrics herself.

"I didn't write it, but as soon as I heard it, much like 'Hide The Wine,' my last single, it was one of those things that I connected with," Pearce told "I've always said that I will build my career on great songs. If I hear moments, like 'Closer To You,' that I can identify with both melodically, sonically, and even lyrically, then I'm going to take those and thank those songwriters for writing it."

"Closer to You" is the debut single from Pearce's upcoming sophomore album, and a good indicator of what her next set of tunes will sound like.

"I feel like it's going to show a side of my personality that a lot of fans have not gotten to see. It's been quite a crazy couple of years for me, both personally and professionally," Pearce acknowledged. "I feel an evolution in every way, and this song is exactly where I am in my life right now, which is totally in love, and I think so many people can relate to that feeling of just missing somebody, and wanting to be close to them."

Pearce has said her next set of tunes will show a different side of her, but she promises that her music will still be purely country, and purely Pearce.

"I think it's just an evolution," Pearce explained. "I think, obviously, the perspective and some of the things that you hear in the production are a little different. But throughout, you hear still that country lyric, my voice which is definitely country, and the dobro, which has become such a key part of my sound.What is so fun about being an artist is getting to, I guess, experiment a little bit, and I think that you're just going to hear the evolution, in all areas."


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of BMLG/John Shearer