Carly Pearce Brings a 'Little Bit of Sparkle' to Jason Aldean Tour

Carly Pearce is crossing the country with Jason Aldean and Kane Brown, on Aldean's Ride All Night Tour. The "Closer to You" singer admits Aldean and his music isn't exactly in the same vein as hers, which is why she is grateful for the opportunity.

"He is one of the most genuinely nice, down to earth, welcoming people I've ever met," Pearce acknowledged to her record label. "I've been really lucky to have great – I call them touring uncles, with Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts and Luke Bryan. But he's awesome and his whole band is so awesome, and his crew. They've been really, really good to us. And Kane is very, very sweet too, and we're having a really good time.

"It's a little bit of a different crowd for me, which I think it's a little edgier than maybe the tours that I've been a part of before," she continued, "so I feel like I'm bringing a little bit of a sparkle flavor to things that maybe he hasn't had before."

Pearce is taking plenty of notes – both on and off stage – from her tour boss, on not only how to perform, but how to run a business as successful as Aldean's.

"I think he has a really unique way of treating his camp and treating his opening acts," Pearce told "Not to say that the other guys weren't, because I've had really good relationships, but first day, he comes out, looks all my band in the face, shakes their hand, has an open door policy of really making everybody feel connected to him. And just watching – he doesn't have to do very much onstage.

"He just commands in a way that, he's not running all over," she continued. "He's standing there playing his guitar, playing this songs that are anthemic, and so many hits. I just think there's something really mysterious about him onstage that is really electric."

The Kentucky native knew she was fortunate to be invited on such a huge tour, but was unprepared for how close she would get to both Aldean and Brown.

"It's awesome," boasted Pearce. "I obviously feel like I am on the tour of the year and just Jason being Artist of the Decade at the ACMs and Kane [Brown] being quite possibly the biggest middle slot artist, direct support, on a tour. Those guys have been so good to me. So kind, so sweet. Really good to my band. Their crews are awesome and their crowds are really fun, so we're having a great time."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/ Jeff Kravitz