Brittany Aldean Says Son Memphis Is 'Obsessed' With Baby Sister Navy

Brittany Aldean and Jason Aldean welcomed their second child together, daughter Navy, in February, and the infant quickly began bonding with her big brother, 1-year-old Memphis.

In a recent post on her Instagram Story, Brittany declared that her son is now "obsessed" with his baby sister, posting a photo of baby Navy lying on a cushion on a couch, with Memphis leaning on the furniture as he gazed at the infant.

"He's obsessed with her," Brittany wrote, adding, "I love you so much."

(Photo: Instagram / @brittanyaldean)

After Navy's birth, Brittany shared a video of her two kids meeting for the first time in the hospital, with Memphis in a "Big Brother" shirt as he offered his little sister a kiss.

The clip sees Jason holding his son, with the singer telling Memphis, "See Navy? Give her sugar," as he lowers Memphis down to give a sleeping Navy a kiss on the cheek. "Give sissy sugar," he adds.

"Meeting baby sis for the first time," Brittany wrote.

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Meeting baby sis for the first time💕

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Jason previously expressed during a number one party in Nashville this year that he thinks Memphis will be a good big brother.

"He's got two older sisters, and they're his favorite people in the world," the singer said, referring to his older daughters Keeley and Kendyl. "Every time they come around, he lights up and just wants to hang out with them all the time. Any little kids that are around, he's always wanting to go up and hug them and stuff, so I think he's gonna do great."

He also dished on how Brittany had been preparing her son to welcome his new sibling.

"I feel a little weird telling you guys this right now, but last night, my wife had one of my daughters' baby dolls, and she was letting him play with it, trying to get him to be easy about it, so I walk in," he recalled. "I don't really know what's going on. I'm like, 'Hold up, time out,' but seeing my son play with a baby doll was kind of odd. I didn't know what was happening. Shouldn't he have a truck or something? I guess she's kind of getting him prepared I guess to maybe play with the baby, like that's his sister. I don't know. Apparently that's a thing."


Photo Credit: Instagram / @brittanyaldean