Brett Young Will Become a Wedding Singer at His Own Ceremony

Brett Young will marry his girlfriend, Taylor Mills, this fall, where Young will not only be the groom, but also the wedding singer. The 37-year-old reveals he will serenade his bride on their big day, only because it's important to her – although he has yet to pick the romantic tune.

"I thought that she listens to me sing five nights a week already and maybe that wouldn't be something that we would do at the wedding," Young says. "It wasn't so much that I didn't want to, it's just that I didn't expect to. But it was very clear that she wants me to do a song, and so, no I have not decided what it will be. I'm not going to do one of my existing songs. That would feel really self-indulgent.

"So, if I do something original it'll be something I write between now and then, unless I find something that's really special and personal to her and I that I can cover," he adds. "But I have no idea what it's going to be, or what part of the day it's going to exist in yet. I haven't figured that out."

The California native is staying out of the wedding planning, unless Mills asks for his input, trusting his fiancée to take care of all of the details of the big day.

"She's working really hard to plan the wedding and I've volunteered to stay out of the way unless she really needs my help with something, and I think we've found a good balance there," says Young. "She's basically killing it; I've never thought of wedding planning as full-time job especially for the bride and the groom, but it takes up way more time than my job.

"We're working on it," he continues, "and we've figured out that before we nail down the location and the date, there's really not much more we can do, so we're trying to get that done here really quick. My schedule is so busy, looking like it's probably going to be November."

Young will be out on the road with Thomas Rhett this fall, on Rhett's Life Changes Tour, and is also working on his sophomore album.

"I think the first album was pretty clearly a very deep insight into me and my life and I never want to stray too far from that," Young notes. "But the opportunity that I've gotten after the first album to write with some of the bigger, better writers in Nashville, made me want to really dig into what their skill sets are, and what it is that they're good at, and what's made them so good."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/brettyoungmusic