Brett Young and Wife Taylor Are Still Struggling to Pick a Baby Name

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor Mills, will welcome their first child, a daughter, into the world [...]

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor Mills, will welcome their first child, a daughter, into the world in just a few months, but they still don't know what her name will be! The "Catch" singer reveals the couple is still struggling to pick out a name for their baby girl.

"Both me and my wife had like running lists but neither of us had the name," Young shared with his record label. "It was just whenever we would think of or see something we liked, it'd go into the boy column or the girl column. What was interesting is when we found out it was a girl we went and A/B'ed our girl column, a lot of them were the same. And so that's a good thing, but also the problem with that is that now you have a ton that you have to whittle down.

"The good news is, is we're whittling down from names we both had in lists," he added. "But we're still narrowing. We're not quite there yet."

One thing Young and Taylor won't do is wait until the baby is born to decide on her name.

"I think the fun thing about naming a child is, I'm not one of those people that thinks you have to see the baby's face before you know what their name is," Young maintained. "I think they become their name. So it's gonna be fun watching her grow into whatever her name ends up being."

Young and Taylor got married in November, and knew they wanted to start a family right away. Still, Taylor previously admitted she was stunned when he found out they were already expanding their family.

"I was in shock when it read positive. I really just didn't believe what I was seeing," Taylor told PEOPLE. "After it sunk in, I was so happy and so overwhelmed that I just started crying — happy tears of course! Brett and I hugged, kissed and talked for hours about how long we had been wanting this and how excited we are to become parents."

Young insisted he didn't care whether they had a boy or a girl, but is thrilled that his firstborn will be a daughter.

"Taylor and I are so excited," gushed the California native. "We didn't care one way or the other, but there's something about knowing that it's a girl that makes it even more real. We are so blessed and can't wait to meet this beautiful little girl!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images / John Shearer