Brett Young Spent the Holidays Alone With His New Wife, Taylor

Brett Young previously acknowledged he didn't know which family he and his new wife, Taylor, would spend the holidays with, but apparently they chose to spend it alone! The "Here Tonight" singer revealed on social media that the couple spent their first Christmas as a married couple in Chicago.

(Photo: Instagram/brettyoungmusic)

"@taylormillsyoung and I did our first Christmas as husband and wife together, one of our favorite cities," Young wrote, along with a few pictures of them in the Windy City. "Part of starting your life with somebody is starting new traditions. I think this one is going to stick. Family is everything, and we hope y’all had an incredible Christmas with yours. God bless you all."

The California native initially thought the couple would decide where to spend the holidays based on which location was the easiest, in terms of travel.

"Both of our parents are still happily married and I have a sister, she has a sister. My sister is married, her sister is in a serious relationship," Young said. "You start talking about who gets what holidays and what we're doing and who goes where. We haven't figured out Christmas yet but we nailed down Thanksgiving. I'm getting the feeling with our families being as close as they are and as involved as they are it's going to be a lot of last minute decisions and not based on who gets what but who's able to do what or who's able to travel where."

"Her family for her whole life has gone to Sun Valley for Christmas," he continued. "She's from Seattle. And I know they're not doing that this year. I think we're intent on splitting time as well as possible. It's brand new. That's still a learning curve we haven't figured out yet."

Young might not have many holidays to spend with just his wife, since they have already admitted they will soon be ready to expand their family.

"We're excited about that stage," Young told SiriusXM's Storme Warren. "I think we're both ready. I don't think we're going to do the thing where we're going and testing everybody's levels, and trying to do everything we can to rush into it. I think we're just going to let it happen when it happens. But we're both excited about it, and the grandparents are definitely begging at this point."


Young's latest album, Ticket to L.A., is available for purchase on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Michael Loccisano